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What is Subscription-now?

Every day a new company wishes to start selling subscriptions of their services or products, and the best way to do this nowadays is via e-commerce.

Even though one might want to implement their own solution, it's expensive and a painful process that no one wants to go through. Enters Billwerk, one of Europe's largest subscription providers.

It’s not wasted time if you enjoy it.

With Subscription-now, you can integrate a cart system and start selling your recurring products in mere minutes.

Key Features

  • Small Integration Footprint: You only need a few small JS and HTML snippets to start selling
  • Time to market: You can add subscription-now very easy, flexible and quick ability to any webpage to extend/add subscription products
  • Conversion optimized: The flows and purchase processes are optimized for an optimal buying experience
  • CMS Features: Subscription-now Dashboard offers you uniques features like multi-lingual content management capabilities for your products and ability to upload pictures to showcase on your webpage
  • Customizable: You decide how your cart looks like. Colors, rounded corners, fonts, you call the shots
  • Drop-in Components: Along with the cart component, you can create buttons to interact with the cart like add or remove products, show and hide your cart, show product information in pre-defined components and many more
  • Integrations: Subscription-now handles your back-end to back-end operations. May it be your server or a 3rd party service you use, SN provides all the integration and automation you may need, crafted and customized to your business needs
  • Secure: Subscription-now offers you a secure layer of payment provided by Billwerk. Your customers' sensitive data does not touch to your or SN’s servers and goes directly to Billwerk’s PCI certified servers through SSL
  • GDPR Compliance: Subscription-now abides all the GDPR guidelines to help you maintain your clients’ privacy. You can use your own privacy documents or use the templates that come with your SN account.
  • Pick Your Payment Methods: With Billwerk, you can accept payment via Credit cards, Stripe, on-account cards and many more
  • Developer Friendly: Subscription-now.js has a well constructed documentation that will help developers handle anything with ease
  • One-on-one Support: We support our clients with our developers to solve problems and answer the requirements fast and accurate